HMF Board Roles & Responsibilities

Board of Directors Officers

President  *OPEN FOR 2024-2025*

  • Preside over Hammer Foundation Meetings
  • Act as public-facing liaison
  • Act as liaison with Hammer principal
  • Present for most activities hosted by HMF
  • Ensure other roles are being covered
  • Ensure treasurer files taxes annually
  • Cosign payment checks

Vice President  *OPEN FOR 2024-2025*

  • Act as backup to president and secretary as needed
  • Preside at meetings of  the Board of Directors when president is not available.
  • HMF Membership
  • HMF Board recruitment

Secretary *OPEN FOR 2024-2025*

  • Work with president to decide agenda for upcoming HMF meetings
  • Prepare agenda for upcoming meetings and send to community
  • Record minutes and publish after meeting
  • Develop and maintain HMF calendar


  • Prepare annual budget
  • Give monthly budget report
  • Receive & deposit money received 
  • Coordinate filing annual taxes, work with CPA as available
  • Collect employee matching funds
  • Prepare and sign payment checks


Board of Directors Committee Chairs

Fundraising Committee Chair  *OPEN FOR 2024-2025*

  • Coordinate fundraising activities, including fall annual appeal & spring walkathon
  • Send regular appeal updates

Events Committee Chairs

  • Organize Hammer events – schedule events, call for volunteers, reserve spaces, coordinate vendors, obtain board approval for any outside-budget expenses from committee, communicate events to community

Assemblies and Field Trips Committee Chair

  • Identify allocated funding from board
  • Work with Hammer principal to decide & schedule assemblies & field trips within allowed funding
  • Work with Treasurer to make sure costs are paid

Technology/Communications Admin

  • Maintain & update website
  • Coordinate weekly HMF communications to Hammer community