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About Us

Who we are

The Hammer Montessori Foundation (HMF) is comprised of parents, staff, and community members seeking to enhance public Montessori education at Hammer Montessori School in San Jose, California. The HMF was founded in the spring of 2009 and has been recognized by the San Jose Unified School District.

What we do

We host events to share information about the Montessori educational approach and raise funds to support our public school's programming. Everyone is invited - please check our Announcements for the next scheduled gathering.

Why we raise money

A children's project with colors and shapes

We're passionate about the Montessori approach to education. It emphasizes creative sensory materials, hands on exploration, and learning opportunities customized for individual students' interests. Hammer is the only public Montessori school in Santa Clara County.

Due to the budget constraints of our school district, our Montessori program benefits from additional outside funding. The HMF supports supplemental enrichment programs which could include a second language, educational garden, and field trips that include experiential learning.

The HMF's emphasis on supporting the Montessori educational program complements the Hammer-Galarza PTA, which focuses on fundraising and community building for both schools at the site.

2014–2015 HMF Board of Directors